Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Searching For Students

Using the search bar in PowerSchool to search for students will greatly simplify your life! Below is the provincial guide.

Inschool Search Guide

If you feel good using search bar, here are some common searches for the AVRSB. Remember compound searches (when you want more than one thing to be true in the selected group) are separated by a semi-colon.

Common Search Examples:

Home_Room contains Jack
  • Will find all students with Jack in their homeroom name. Great if you don't remember how you set-up your homeroom names, especially with split classes. For example 1/2 Jackson or Jackson1/2 or Jackson
  • Finds the students in the Student Support Worker Program
  • Finds the students in the Native Student Advisor Program
  • Finds students in grade 6, 7 and 8. Wonderful for separating your middle school students from other students in your school.
  • Finds the female students in grade 2.
  • Finds the students in grade 10 that are in the Early French Immersion Program. Great search for separating student to print report cards.
  • Finds the students with a current IPP.
  • Finds the students with current adaptations.

***If you have a specific search and you would like me to give you the code, leave me a comment below.***

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