Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Family Rep and Linking Family Members

Too often we send home multiple copies of the same notice, newsletter, etc with siblings. Also, there are times when we may want to contact home and know each household is only receiving one phone call (e.g. unexpected early closures, etc)

We can pull lists or create reports from PowerSchool if you enter Family Reps and link Family Members.

Family Rep

The check box is found on the Modify Info page for each student.

To enter them for your school, you can check each of the students separately...but I would recommend selecting all your students and using the Student Field Value Function to change the field family_rep to a value of 1. Then you can go back and remove just the older siblings' check mark by hand.

Linking Family Members

To link siblings, go to one of the students' Family page.

Click on the Search for Additional Family Members link.

Ensure the Include Student's Last Name in Search checkbox is checked and hit submit. If the sibling has a different last name, enter it in the field before hitting submit.

You will get a list of possible siblings based on the last name. Click the related checkbox for each sibling and hit submit. Note: At this time, please do not use the copy function!

Reports that I have created for you:

1. Number of family reps in each homeroom.
2. Emergency contact list with the family info only listed once for the family rep.

Please take a look at the available reports on and send me an email if you would like any others.


  1. love this option. It will be our new goal for September.

    1. Sounds great Donna! Make sure you get your report requests in this year. That way we can test them so you can start using in right in September.

  2. Just getting around to reading this blog now and we have recently worked on this but making a stored selection of Family Contacts. I have used your information to change the field value of family_rep to 1 and am now interested in having reports that you talked about. In particular, the number of family reps in each home room. Would this report list each student in that list to make it easier for the teacher to hand out notices to those students on the list? We would have 123 notices/emails going out instead of 170, thous making it more efficient. I would like this report...thanks

  3. I would be interesting in having this report as well as South Mebane Elem, Mebane, NC. It would save so much copy. I would like to see the siblings listed on the report and the homeroom. I could send the info with the oldest child. thank you!!