Monday, December 1, 2014

Student Log Entries

Log Entries are a great way to record non-discipline related information on a student (e.g. conversations or meetings with the student or parents, when attendance letters are sent home, record of injuries that happened at school, record of when parents pick-up portal access, etc). Log entries can be entered by all staff in either PowerSchool and PowerTeacher. Teachers only see log entries they have added on a student while administrators can see all the log entries entered on a student.

How to enter Log Entries

The screen to enter the new log entry is the same in both PowerSchool and PowerTeacher.

Getting to that screen:


Select the student --> Select Log Entries on the left under Administration --> Click New


1. Click on the backpack for the class containing the student.

2. Select the student --> Choose New Log Entry from the screen selection drop-down --> Click New

Viewing Log Entries:

1. You can select the student and navigate to the Log Entries screen.

2. Office staff, you can select a student or a group of students and run a new sqlreport I created.

Startpage --> Select Student(s) --> System Reports --> SQLReports --> School Level Reports --> Log Entry Summary (

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