Monday, March 9, 2015

Using Preferred Name In Gradebook

Many times teachers wish they could display the preferred name of a student in their Gradebook, on Gradebook reports and in Report Card Comments.

There are a couple of set-up items first:

  • In all your classes enter the Preferred Name of the students in the appropriate column of the Student Info Tab in Gradebook.

  • Under Tools --> Preferences --> Student Tab make sure to check both boxes that make the Preferred Name now active in Gradebook and on all Gradebook Reports.

Once you have them entered using the <preferred name> Smart Text in your comments will make them appear on report cards.

Searching for Student Percent Grades

There are a couple ways to search for percent grades. The first is a Pearson developed report and the second is one I created. In either case, you can make the results the current selection to print a letter of concern, run other reports, etc.

Search By Grades/Attendance

After you select the group of student go to Special Functions on the StartPage. Then click Search By Grades/Attendance. Highlighted below are the setting you want to change. You can make the results your current selection or have the results displayed.

Search Current Percent Grades

After you select the group of student go to System Reports on the StartPage. Then click SQLReports --> Grading --> Search Current Percent Grades. Select the terms and percentage range you want to search. After the results are displayed you can make the resulting students the current selection.