Sunday, January 4, 2015

String Key Errors

Sometimes when you are working in PowerSchool or PowerTeacher you will start to see "String key was not found" errors.

These occur when the appnode you are connected to needs to be restarted. We have 5 appnodes in the AVRSB, they are the access points to our PowerSchool Server...sorta like the on ramps to the highway to our server.

What do you do when you get them?

The province gets an automatic notification when they occurs so you don't need to let anyone know. They will reset the appnode to fix the issue. However, they can be a real pain if you still have work to what do you do to keep working?
  • Logout of PowerSchool/PowerTeacher so you can see the login screen. 
  • On the login screen make note of what appnode you are currently on. See below you will see a number between 01 and 05.

  • Close out your web browser completely (i.e. exit all windows in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).
  • Open to the PowerSchool/PowerTeacher login screen again. Check the appnode you are on. If it is the same, close all the windows again, repeat until you are on a different appnode.

  • If it different, login and you should be able to work without issue.