Monday, December 15, 2014

Student Activities

For each student you can indicate what activities they take part in.

Unfortunately, this list of activities often does not contain all the activities needed for you school, in particular, ones specific to your school. As a result, here is a new suggested method to allow you to record any activities for a student or even their parents. You can then make them the current selection to print reports, change attendance, contact with Alert, etc...

Record the Activity in the Custom_Text3 Field 

Method 1
  1. Select the student 
  2. Click Custom Screens --> School Use Only 

Method 2
  1. Select the group of students
  2. Choose "Student Field Value"
  3. In the top line enter Custom_Text3 and in the bottom line the activity.

Note: You should use the exact same wording and case for each student. Also, you can add more than 1 activity for each student.

Student Activity Listing Report

Once you have recorded the student activities in Custom_Text3, you can run the Student Activity Listing Report. Make sure you search with the same wording and case you used when you entered the activities.

Start Page --> System Reports --> SQL Reports --> Demographics --> Student Activity Listing

Once you run the report, you can click the "Make Current Selection" to work with the students. 

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  1. Blogger Doug,

    This is great and really helpful - can't wait for the next one!